central vacuum - vacuuming is a choreVacuuming often proves to be a cumbersome chore, marked by noise, inconvenience, and frequent expenses associated with replacing portable vacuums. These devices tend to be bulky, emit unpleasant odors, and may leave doubts regarding the thoroughness of carpet cleaning.

Embracing central vacuum systems presents a solution to these challenges, yet surprisingly, their adoption remains low. Many homeowners remain unaware of the advantages of central vacuums, while misconceptions persist about their installation and operation. Major vacuum manufacturers prioritize marketing portable models, as they generate more frequent sales compared to central vacuum systems.

One prevalent myth is that retrofitting a central vacuum into an existing home necessitates extensive renovation and structural alterations. Contrary to this belief, installation typically involves minimal disruption, with the only required aperture being covered by an inlet backing plate. Pipes can be discreetly routed through spaces such as attics, basements, or crawlspaces. Explore below for further insights into the benefits of central vacuum systems.

7 Reasons to Install a Central Vacuum

central vacuum - low noise

#1 Reduced Vacuum Noise

The familiar racket caused by traditional portable vacuums can disrupt daily activities such as phone conversations, sleeping, or watching television. However, with a central vacuum system, you’ll notice a remarkable reduction in noise. The primary source of noise, the motor, is typically situated in the garage or basement, resulting in minimal disturbance from the vacuum’s airflow and head. This quieter operation allows for a harmonious coexistence between vacuuming and daily life.

#2 Simplified Operation

Household chores are universally disliked, but central vacuums aim to make cleaning as effortless as possible, perhaps even enjoyable. Bid farewell to lugging around heavy canisters or upright vacuums. With a central vacuum setup, you gain access to a variety of accessories that enable thorough cleaning of even the most inaccessible spots. Say goodbye to neglected corners and dusty ceiling crevices with ease, as central vacuum systems offer unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

central vacuum - goodbye portable

#3 Goodbye Portable Vacuums

Unlike their portable counterparts, which often require replacement every few years, central vacuum systems demand only basic maintenance once installed. In direct comparison, central vacuums consistently outperform portable or canister vacuums. The advantages of owning a central vacuum system are numerous:

  • Cordless: No cords for easy cleaning.
  • Allergy Control: Prevents dust recirculation.
  • Spacious Bin: Large capacity reduces emptying.
  • Maintenance-Free: No filter troubles.
  • Durable: Long-lasting reliability.
  • Cost-Effective: Saves money over time.
  • Lightweight: Easy handling.
  • Ergonomic: Comfortable design.
central vacuum - cleaner air_

#4 Improved Air Quality, Reduced Allergies

Central vacuum users frequently note the cleaner air quality within their homes, with allergy sufferers experiencing a reduction in symptoms. A study conducted by UC Davis corroborates these observations, demonstrating that central vacuum systems indeed maintain cleaner air compared to portable vacuums. This is due to the fact that central vacuum systems expel dirt, dust, and debris outside the living space, while portable vacuums recirculate allergens through their exhaust. Refer to the UC Davis Central Vacuum Clinical Study (PDF) for further details.

central vacuum - enhanced versatility

#5 Enhanced Versatility

Central vacuums boast superior reach and adaptability compared to conventional portable vacuums, thanks to a wide array of available accessories. Long hoses and specialized tools facilitate effortless cleaning of vehicles, boats, RVs, and even garages. Central vacuum systems offer a dust-free alternative to traditional brooms for outdoor use and are favored by men, who find them akin to power tools rather than household appliances.

#6 Powerful Suction for More Thorough Cleaning

Central vacuum motors, often three times more powerful than those in portable vacuums, remain cooler due to their stationary placement in the garage or basement. This cooler operation prolongs the motor’s lifespan, enabling strong suction throughout the network of pipes and hoses. Central vacuums excel not only in surface debris removal but also in extracting deep-seated grit and particulates that can age carpets.

central vacuum - value

#7 Sound Investment

Household appliance purchases are investments in the home, and installing a central vacuum is a savvy one. Over time, central vacuums prove cost-effective and enhance property value, as the initial installation cost is typically recouped upon property sale. Moreover, central vacuum systems outlast portable vacuums, requiring replacement major accessories or maintenance only every decade or so.

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