I have low suction at the end of my hose handle – what could the problem be?

If you notice a loss of vacuum power, you may have a clog in your system or your filter (if present, depending on unit type) needs cleaned or replaced. Follow the instructions on the Power Unit FAQ page pertaining to your unit type. If the problem persists, please contact us.

My on/off switch on my hose doesn’t work, can this be fixed?

Yes, replacement switches are available for most hoses.  However, before you replace your switch, check to be certain you have the hose end pushed firmly into the inlet valve in the wall.

I would like to replace my hose, how do I know what hose to order?

It’s very important to replace an existing hose with the same wall-end configuration as your current hose. Please contact us to ensure you receive the correct hose.

Are there hose extensions available?

Yes, hose extensions are available for standard hoses in 7, 10, 15 and 20 feet. However, when using hose extensions you will not be able to turn the hose on/off at the handle.

What lengths are hoses available in?

The standard hose length is 30 feet. Low voltage hoses (TurboGrip and e-Z Grip) and standard hoses are available in 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 50 feet. Electric hoses are only available up to 35 feet.

Is there an adapter to connect 2 hoses?

Yes, hose extensions come with the adapter.

What is a hose sock and why would I need one?

A hose sock is a soft cover that fits snugly over the hose to protect furniture, walls, woodwork, corners from scuffing/scratches as the hose rubs against items.

Is it easy to move the hose from room to room?

Yes. Hoses are lightweight, durable and specially reinforced to resist crushing and kinking. They are 1-3/8” diameter for maximum airflow and feature a comfort grip handle with a 360-degree swivel for ease of use.

My hose kinks frequently, how can I prevent this from happening?

Pull the hose straight out, as you would a garden hose, before vacuuming. Installing a hose sock on the hose will also help with the kinking. Storing the hose properly on the hose rack should also insure less kinking.

My hose is clogged, how can I remove it?

1. Press the hose along the length and try to feel for the clog. When you find it, press down on it and knead – this may break it up enough so it will go through the hose.
2. Use a dry garden hose and fish it through the end of the hose – this may push out the clog.
3. Place a butter knife in the hose and work it through to the clog. Shake the hose so that the knife bounces against the clog. This will usually dislodge the obstruction. If the problem persists, contact us.

Why does static electricity build up in my wands?

The shock that you may sometimes feel is static electricity building up in your metal wands. This has nothing to do with electrical wiring and does not mean that something is wrong with your system. When vacuuming, electrons from the dust particles build up in the wands as static electricity and when it jumps from the wand it can create a shock. To avoid this, simply hold a portion of your hand or finger on the metal wand, this will allow the charge to dissipate. Another option is to wipe the hose, handle and wand with a dryer sheet.

What kind of accessories are available?

We offer a full range of accessories designed to clean carpeting, wood and tile floors, upholstery, draperies, staircases, ceiling fans and virtually any other type of surface. For ultimate versatility, floor brushes, crevice tools, upholstery brushes, dusting brushes and extension wands are available.

Do you have accessories to pick up water or wet messes?

We offers a Wet Vac Separator attachment that can be used in conjunction with your central vacuum for wet pick up. Your central vacuum system should NOT be used to pick up wet messes without such a separator. Contact us for more information.

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